Indonesian singer-songwriter Tulus has returned with a new single, ‘Tujuh Belas’.

Released on Wednesday (February 23), the track was co-written by fellow singer-songwriter Petra Sihombing, and features a string arrangement from the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra, composed by Erwin Gutawa.

Listen to ‘Tujuh Belas’ below.

‘Tujuh Belas’, which means 17 in English, touches upon the importance of holding onto our “young souls”. Tulus elaborated via a press statement: “This spirit [is] always present within us, no matter how far the journey we’ve been through”.

‘Tujuh Belas’ marks the first single from Tulus’ upcoming album. The studio record will be Tulus’ fourth, following his 2011 self-titled debut, 2014’s ‘Gajah’ and 2016’s ‘Monokrom’.

The song is also Tulus’ first release of the year. He last released the single ‘Ingkar’ in August last year. The year prior, he shared the single, ‘Adaptasi’.

Despite not releasing much music in the past two years, Tulus ranked among the top five in Spotify’s list of most streamed Indonesian artists of 2021. He was also named the most streamed Indonesian artist on Spotify in 2019.

Earlier this month, Tulus co-wrote ‘Rumah’ by singer-songwriter Dere. The track marked the third time the two have worked together latley, following 2021’s ‘Tanya’ and ‘Berisik’ in February and July respectively.

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